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Style up like Toke Makinwa on a casual Friday

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Toke doesn't disappoint when it comes to fashion; from red carpet moments to dressing casually. You always learn from this fashionista. Get a similar look.

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Ten silly Excuses People give for Divorcing their Partner

Relationship Tips

1.)    She doesn’t look attractive anymore. His tummy is getting too big.
2.)    He or She snores. Get used to the noise, imagine your house was next to a tram!
3.)    He or She is always nagging. Are you perfect?

Get The Khole and Tristan Look

 Fashion Finder We are entirely in love with this simple style by Khloe Kardashian. We have found similar designs and alternatives. Don't you just want to look like Khloe? I  love.


I’m not what you want; he reminded you continuously. I can't give you what you need, he said in between every kiss, but every kiss urged you to stay even more. Yes, the sex was great but he never entirely stayed, he left the moment you needed him the most, but unfortunately for both of you, you wanted more. Your friends told you to let the player go, but that's just what they'll say.

When I Saw You

I walked toward his car
I walked really slowly
I knew I didn’t deserve this chance
I wasn’t sure of what my reaction would be
I wasn’t sure of how to act
I had hurt him in the past
And I didn’t even know how to explain myself
I didn’t know whether to be totally honest
Or just cover up my lie
A lot was going through my mind
And then he unlocked his car
I opened the door
And then I saw him
He looked really calm
What was going through his mind?
He tried to control his emotions
But underneath that fa├žade
I could tell he was happy to be there
Why was he so forgiving?
It was the perfect place
Perfect timing
I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling
Then he talked
And I became happier than I was
And I felt this tingling feeling
I only think that way when I’m in love
I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t love
But the more I tried, the more I felt like I needed him
I couldn’t take my eyes off him
I wanted to admit it so badly
But I gave myself 100 reasons why I shouldn’t
It was the first time I felt like kissing someone so ba…

Favourite Dress of the week

Fashion Finder

I found this gorgeous lace maxi dress, and I'm obsessed with it. It is one of my favourite piece of the week, and it can be purchased at I'm definitely getting this piece for summer.

There are other lovely pieces like this off shoulder dress below, and you can purchase directly from there store at

Iretiola releases adorable picture as she turns a year older

Fashion Finder
Iretiola Doyles is a year older today, and she looks Fabulous in this picture. I personally love her acting. Happy 50th birthday Aunty Ireti.